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Are Social Media Platforms Viable?

Today, a few well known conservative YouTubers sued YouTube. Many of the social media companies, I would say almost all of them, have stifled conservative voices, before the election. Many writers who depend on social media sites for their livelihoods, e.g. Facebook/Instagram, and Twitter being the major sites, will be blindsided if they do not … Continue reading Are Social Media Platforms Viable?

Doyle’s Advice To Writers

First beginTaking in.Cargo stored,All aboard,Think aboutGiving out.Empty ship,Useless trip! Never strainWeary brain,Hardly fit,Wait a bit!After restComes the best. Sitting still,Let it fill;Never press;Nerve stressAlways shows.Nature knows. Critics kind,Never mind!Critics flatter,No matter!Critics curse,None the worse.Critics blame,All the same!Do your best.Hang the rest! “Advice To A Young Author” by Arthur Conan Doyle

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