Flash! Thoughts

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am reading John Dufresne’s Flash!. When I was looking for books on writing flash fiction, there were not a lot of choices. With stories that are so small, it would seem that there is no need to write a book about them. But they have the same elements that other stories or novels do, just much more condensed. Upon reading Flash!, I know I picked a good one.

He devotes a good part of the book using flash fiction stories as illustrations to the points he is making. And they are well-chosen. Humor makes it a fun read.

In the “Writing a Short Story; Writing a Very Short Story” chapter, he shows you how step-by-step to write a first draft, using a situation of his own. One thing that he stated that surprised me was the first draft should have the same amount of material for a short story as a flash fiction story. Then comes the editing and condensing.

If a novel is the art of the gaze, and the short story the art of the glance, then the very short story is the art of the glimpse-a gleam or flash of light.

John Dufresne