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As I mentioned in a previous post, writers need to plan for the days ahead as the lawmakers deal with the censorship issues. I was undecided on which to use as a backup to Twitter, knowing that it may in the days ahead become my main social media site. I have even contemplated getting off of social media if Twitter bit the dust.

I had tried Parler a year or two ago, but did not stay long. But today I watched Congressman Devin Nunes’s interview with the CEO and founder John Matze. One major thing that Nunes mentioned was a user can parley (their version of tweet) up to 1,000 characters – enough for almost a short story.

Since I am currently reading John Dufresne’s FLASH!, this caught my attention. That is roughly enough space for a flash fiction story. And they are working on monetizing the platform very soon.

This is not an endorsement: I just opened my account today. But I am hopeful for a productive and censorship free experience – a moral one! – but censorship free. The user interface is much more agreeable than Twitter. My handle is @hrenell.

Parler is a French verb meaning to speak.

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