Small Beginnings

Sometimes callings come and we don’t see them at the beginning. Answers to prayers likewise are not always apparent at the beginning. The opportunities are so small1 that we don’t recognize them at the beginning, that they are actually unfolding every little step that we take.

In the movie Moms’ Night Out, Allyson loves her family, but wants something else too – to be a mommy blogger. After the hilarious, chaotic evening that ensues, her husband gently shows her that she is already living her dream. Even in the chaos. Even with low follower numbers. And maybe because of them.

1Zechariah 4:10 NASB “For who has despised the day of small things?” The foot note to this verse states: Some thought the work on the temple was insignificant, but God was in the rebuilding program and, by his Holy Spirit, would enable Zerubbabel to finish it.

Have a blessed weekend.

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