One Writer’s Observations

Celebrating my Memorial Day by reading more of Walden. And almost immediately after starting, got an idea for this post.

Chapter “The Ponds” describes Walden pond in great detail. The paragraphs are long, but his style makes it a joy to read, except when I have to stop and look up an occasional word in the dictionary.

Thoreau cites the scientific names of the fish that populate the pond. For the ones he does not know, he suggests an ichthyologist could come up with new ones. One he can’t name he compares to a duce-like appearance. And eels make an appearance.

For the circular heaps of stone under the pond and how they got there, he writes “These lend a pleasing mystery to the bottom”.

He calls a lake “earth’s eye” and the trees surrounding it “slender eyelashes which fringe it.” Metaphors enliven our imaginations and increase our creativity.

My deepest gratitude to all living and those who have lost military friends/family. It is a high calling.