Research Skills and Project

I searched the National Archives for Coos Indians. It returned 9,475 results in 0.55 seconds. You can export the results into a file. Since that search yielded that many results, I choose something more narrow to search for – Coos Bay Indian marriage – so I could try out the export function. I choose a CSV file, so I could sort the entries.

The National Archives has a good explanation of how to use Boolean searches to narrow down the exact information that you want. I have used Boolean searches over the years, but learned for the first time that putting a term in parenthesis will exclude punctuation, e.g. in a person’s name.

I am using Gothan Writers’ Workshop Writing Fiction to study fiction writing. The first chapter is an intro into writing fiction, and the second chapter gets into the nitty-gritty of characterization. After I read and underline, I will do some research and come up with a character, a person. First on the list will be to come up with an Indian name from that era, around the turn of the 19th century.

With current events, I have my eyes buried into the sites I pull up every day for news. I have not been writing poems, until I felt the Lord told me I needed to. So I started a new one based on Luke 10:16. Once I did, I felt better.

This project will be slow going. But I will update periodically, because I know some are interested (my likes told me this) and it keeps me accountable. I consider this a journey – that anyone who wants to keep tabs on – will be helpful for all who read.