Teeny Bit More About Me

  • Sporadically -very- crochet, mainly one stitch scarves. Donate the ones I don’t use. Granny squares make wonderful coasters, very economical. You wouldn’t think scarves keep you warm in the winter, but I once took a walk along the beach and was able to stay out for 1 1/2 hours.
  • Don’t upload hardly any graphics for posts. Am a word person to the max. Making graphics cause me fits and take time away from my words. Not the suggested way of posting, but it suits me well. I hate taking selfies. To get a decent pic of me for my about page, I went through 2 1/2 SD cards (deletion between rounds). This was torture.

Have a blessed weekend.

I lived in a cabin in the woods in Oregon, and I’d basically given up on the music industry for an indefinite amount of time. And while I was out there, I came up with a very specific vision of what I wanted my music to sound like.

Skylar Grey