A Poet’s Memoir Review

I checked out What You Have Heard Is True: A Memoir of Witness and Resistance from my local library a few months ago.

The book was written by Carolyn Forché, a poet who wrote the widely anthologized poem, “The Colonel.” I picked it up because I love reading biographies/memoirs about writers.

I hated putting the book down after each reading session This journey turns her life upside down when Leonel Gómez Vides shows up at her front door and challenges her to use her poetry to expose evil and do good. Political poetry.

Penguin Press, the publisher, has both a look inside and audio file sample.

Going to start using my Saturdays to work on my new project and being social on my social media platforms. So no posts on Saturdays. I am not sure how Twitter is going to fare in the days ahead. I loved it years ago, but now it just needs cleaned up. The look, the censorship, all of it. Hard to know how much to invest in it right now. I love the interface of Tumblr. When WordPress decided to buy it and Tumblr decided to get rid fo the pornography I decided to try again. Hoping there are some lurkers out there who find benefit in what I do. I have seen the most support here on WordPress.com. For all of you, thanks! As a close friend told me, put it out there and leave the results to God. Good advice.

A short tip for WordPress users: If you need to insert a special character, like I did in the poet’s last name, use the classic editor block for that paragraph.