Day 24

With His death only three days away, and knowing that His disciples would be stunned almost out of their faith, He makes a great effort to explain that they would yet realize their hopes–but in a far grander way than they had yet ever dreamed….And it is best not to cloud the hope of His coming with too detailed a theory as to what is going to happen when He comes. Some people, we suspect, will be disappointed if Jesus does not follow the schedule they have mapped out for Him.

Halley’s Bible Handbook, pp. 608-9

I downloaded the Libby app, that allows me to check out ebooks and audio books from my local library. Even though it has been shut down indefinitely. I have downloaded one audio-book and one eBook. Walden is heavy reading and I needed a light-hearted diversion. Just like having to check in a physical book, the ebooks get checked in or renewed.