Day 11

Joseph in the book of Genesis dreamed, and the prophetic dream came to pass.

People today still dream. It is one of the ways God speaks to us, bypassing any interference. Dreams are usually in metaphorical symbols, or language if you will. We have to do our part and work at interpreting them.

Jesus told his disciples he spoke in parables so they could not be understood by those who won’t turn to God (Matthew 13:13-15).

So if you dream, record it before it disappears. Keep a pad of paper, or equivalent, near you before you go to sleep. Record not only the events in your dream, but words of the five senses and emotions felt by you in the dream.

There are resources for dream interpretation. If you are a Christian, biblical resources are best, but I wouldn’t limit myself that way either.

On another note, could the social distancing be used by God to force us to talk face-to-face in the days ahead? Because we found out the hard way what it is like not to be together? If so, I would say this is a good thing. Some of us can’t, but for those who can, you are blessed.