Day 10

My day off: rested. Only minimal internet, spent time with the Lord. Spiritual journaling counts here. I think burn out is a thing now, so it is important to rest.

Got my taxes finished. Oregon decided to go along with the federal extension in some forms, but not all. I am just glad I can check this off my to do list.

There are a variety of ways that people are dealing with more free time due to the stay at home season we are in. One thing I am wondering – how much the social distancing is cutting down gossip, though obviously not online. I have seen acts of creativity of many online, especially the long-distance singing videos. Definitely a pick me up for the blues!

But it is still important to listen to God, because what you might want to do may not be in your best interest. His ways are not our ways (Isaiah 55:8). Some need to spend this time in solitude, getting closer to God or being prepared by Him for whatever He may ask us to do after the stay at home season is over. There are going to be a massive amount of opportunities when this is over to minister after this reset has taken place.

Andrea Joy Moede’s Periscope, giving a pep talk on doing God’s will, not mans.