Day 8

One suggestion in the article below is journaling. I don’t so much as journal my daily activities as I use it to record what I feel the Lord is saying to me so I can go back and read later and connect the dots. There are tons of articles, posts, etc. about journaling, but when it comes to spiritual journaling for Christians there is not much information. I did recently hear a few sermons from David Jeremiah, and Doug Addison has articles on this also.

God speaks to us in many ways. Some think it is just through the Bible, and I do agree that should be the primary source for error detection and messages themselves, but He also uses His creation to give us messages. Romans 1:20 says that we are without excuse of not knowing about Him. As I would paraphrase a little, who could make such a thing as intricate and detailed as this planet and all it contains? Abraham knew God and was His friend, yet at his time he did not have a Bible.

I believe it is crucial, especially in this time we are in, to hear what God is saying to us, corporately and individually. It is a lifelong learning process.

Taking tomorrow off. No posts. Blessings!