Day 1

Samuel Pepys, a naval administrator and member of Parliament, kept a diary of the Great Plague of London from 1665-1666.

Today, Oregon has become one of the stay-at-home states.

Today I will diary likewise. Not as prolific as Pepys, but a short modern day internet version.

Day 1

Chopped onions for the freezer. Had to take a break, gave my eyes a good tear bath.

Decided to keep my local Christian radio stations running pretty much nonstop, and in the background. Constant reminder that God is present in this life we are living now. Music itself is soothing to the soul and helps with the stress levels. And dance, even if you do it alone, and have joy. Joy doesn’t depend on circumstances.

And heard this song while listening to the radio. Needs to be the stay-at-home anthem.